On the first day of February I would rather be cross country skiing than working in my office, but alas we don’t have enough snow. I am working on the plans for the Nathan’s Divide Project for this spring, but still hopeful that the snows will return for more outdoor adventures.

Nathan’s Divide has a lease agreement with the Ebensburg Municipal Authority to begin to develop the trail system around the reservoirs and to remove illegally dumped trash and debris. The Crossroads Alliance Church is in the process of granting us access across their property to get to our future building site.  Plans are now being developed to improve the road and parking area.

Over the past year a concept plan has been developed that provides a guide on some of the features and activities that could be included in the project. Our next major step is to secure funds to have a comprehensive plan developed for Nathan’s Divide.  The plan will answer the questions about the costs and benefits and provide us with the pathway to a successful and sustainable nature education center.

Grants and foundations will help support a great idea if there is a clear and concise plan in place.  Most grants will not support funding the planning of the project so we are actively seeking donations from the public and business leaders to help us get this phase completed.

I guess Grandma Emma was correct that someday I would be either successful or a beggar.  I guess I’m now both.

Dave Lester