Education Programs

We are asking educational professionals to help us develop programs that can access to the natural setting of the watershed.  As we develop the Comprehensive Plan we will be discussing the types of activities and displays that should be included in the nature center. Can you help with outdoor programs that combine recreation and learning? Would a floating classroom have an impact on learning?

Contact us if you can help.

Recreation Programs

With hundreds of acres of water and woodland, the Ebensburg Municipal Authority reservoirs have a great potential for recreational use. There will be NO SWIMMING, or powerboats allowed and access to the water will be limited to fishing and paddle boats.

The plan is to develop a trail system around the site of the nature center (see concept plan) and eventually a looping trail around the reservoirs for fishing, hiking, and biking.

Contact us if you can help.


The existing trails along the shoreline of the main reservoir have been established and maintained by fishermen and hikers who have been visiting the site.  There is some liter and debris that needs to be removed and some trees have fallen across the trails due to weather and age.  We will be upgrading the trails for safety and cleaning away brush and limbs to make the main trails more accessible.

We are looking for volunteers who would be interested in helping with the trail maintenance and developing additional new trails for hiking, running, skiing, and biking.  We will be posting dates on our events page, on facebook, and sending out tweets when trail sessions are scheduled.

Contact us if you can help.

Fund Raising

Nobody enjoys asking for funds from our friends, family, or associates! Nobody likes to sell subs, cookies, pizzas, tickets, or advertising in the newsletter. Unfortunately many of our local projects can’t be funded by governments or tax dollars and need community support.

We need help with developing our fundraising programs and reaching out to get support from the business community, foundations, and individuals.

Contact us if you can help.

Social Media

We need help with our website and all other social media platforms.  Since we don’t have funds for advertising we need to make the most use of grassroots support to share our project ideas.

Contact us if you can help.