About the Trails

The existing and proposed trials are around both the pool and the Ebensburg Borough reservoir, which is in very close proximity from the Borough pool, where there are approximately 625 acres of contiguous wooded land located in Ebensburg Borough, Cambria Township within the Howells Run Watershed. The high point and ridge for the continental divide is located near the far north east corner of the reservoir property. The property around the reservoirs is owned by the Ebensburg Borough Municipal Authority

This project is a collaborative effort and planning for a nature center and trail development plan which complement each other and are in close proximity to each other. The entire project as whole, will serve as a vital link for many educational and recreation activities to the surrounding region.

While using GPS, we found and tracked many existing trails around the Borough reservoirs that conveniently accommodates trail users and nature center activities. We plan to improve many of the existing fisherman paths to become better and more walkable trails. The trails would be approximately 3’ wide with a natural mulch or needle surface. Some minor earthwork, tree cutting and log removal needs to occur to renovate the three to five miles of existing trails with minor environmental impact. We plan to add another 7- 10 miles of new trails around and near the reservoirs through the beautifully wooded property.

Project Benefits:

This project when completed will provide many excellent resources of educational and recreational benefits to both the local and regional communities. There will also be potentially significant sources of economic benefits as well. We envision this project, with all the other recent business expansions, and creative venues, as making Ebensburg Area a destination point. People may visit from other areas and stay at the local Inns, visit the nature center, hike and bike all the trails, including the Ghost Town Trail extension to Munster, visit the tennis center, the new Microbrewery, and all the other activity areas that Ebensburg has to offer. This will also have a positive impact on local business activities The Greenway corridor will be expanded on which follows the current State wide plan.

The new state goal to encourage people to go from their garage, to bike, to trail so they can exercise and recreate will be strengthened as more recreational trails, and nature activities would be abundant. The added benefit of potentially lowering health care costs across the board are major reasons to develop this project. The citizens will have more opportunities to experience the outdoors and will markedly enhance their awareness and knowledge of natural and cultural resources.