Help us raise $7,500 to fund the site design

We’ve come so far already, but we need financial help with the critical next steps toward a 1-acre Welcome Complex, which will include:

  • A central gazebo/pavilion, primitive and natural in style
  • An updated parking lot including border, circulation and signage, and plantings
  • Better (wider and more visible) access to the reservoir trail network
  • Hardscaped patio near or surrounding the gazebo, suitable for formal and informal events including events to accelerate fundraising
  • Educational signs about the landscape, environment and Nathan’s Divide mission
  • All interstitial plantings (native) and sidewalks/paths
  • Composting toilet and trash facilities
  • Building storage
  • Public (environmental) art, stormwater garden, and/or some other type of educational demonstration

That’s where you come in. Our grant application for financial assistance to complete this design and permitting phase was not funded by the SAPDC Greenways Grant.  We are asking the community for help.  Please donate generously.

Donate to our general fund through the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies

Nathan’s Divide has a donor fund through the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies. To donate using this fund, please use the button to the right!

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