Nathan’s Divide will be a nature center focused on watershed education.

Our Mission: to protect and conserve water

Our Vision: to become the region’s destination for water related environmental education and outdoor recreation

Our vision is to become the region’s destination for water-related environmental education

  • A community center with displays that will enable visitors to understand:
    • How rain and groundwater provide clean drinking water
    • How sewage is collected, treated, and discharged back into a river
    • How a drop of water that falls on the eastern side of the divide flows into the Atlantic Ocean and a drop that falls on the western side flows to the Gulf of Mexico
  • Offering community participation and volunteer opportunities
  • Modeling sustainable practices with a LEED designed building, natural landscaping, and permeable pavement
  • Hosting a Resource Center that provides educators, parents, and children with a wide variety of environmental education materials
  • Displaying art works devoted to water themes

Nathan’s Divide Watershed Education Center

Nathan’s Divide will be a regional facility located near the Eastern Continental Divide and dedicated to providing the highest quality programs focused on water issues. The programs will include natural science, conservation, history, culture, outdoor education, environmental stewardship, recreation, art, and community service.

It will be located less than 2 miles north of the center of Ebensburg, Pennsylvania at the water reservoir owned by the Ebensburg Municipal Authority in Cambria County.

Planned Activities

  • Fun
    • Fishing
    • Kayaking and Canoeing
    • Forest Canopy Tour
  • Health
    • Walking, Hiking Trails
    • Running, Skiing, Snowshoeing
    • Outdoor Fitness Area
  • Learning
    • Indoor and Outdoor Classrooms
    • Bird Watching
    • Plant and Animal Identification

Many children can identify over 1,000 corporate logos but fewer than 10 plants and animals native to their region.

95% of all learning is estimated to take place outside the classrooms.

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.  Ralph Waldo Emerson

“It is an incalculable added pleasure to any one’s sum of happiness if he or she grows to know, even slightly and imperfectly, how to read and enjoy the wonder-book of nature.” –Theodore Roosevelt



Last weekend, Dave and I were hiking on some trails through The Divide with our friend, Marty.  We saw an old board nailed to a tree and began talking about spending time in the woods as kids.  Of course the guys discussed the “cabins” that they made and how they were able to develop various [...]

Tree Tops

As a kid growing up in Geistown, one of the new suburbs of Johnstown, PA I had the choice of finding something to do or my mother would say “Go play outside or I will find something for you to do (work). Off I would go looking for my neighborhood fiends or maybe just [...]

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Grant Berkebile showing me the Upper Reservoir for the first time when I decided that this would be the home of Nathan's Divide. Thank you Ebensburg Municipal Authority and all who have helped us progress with this exciting project for our region. ... See MoreSee Less

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Please feed hummingbirds fresh nectarAttention Rubythroat Hummingbird lovers! The first Rubythroat’s have already been spotted this year on the coast of Texas and Florida! After last year‘s late migration this is a welcome sight for Hummingbird lovers. They will be enjoying a long hummingbird season! Getting ready at HummingbirdPots.com! ... See MoreSee Less

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  • Warmth will melt the ice soon and trail building will resume.
  • The trail is still icy
  • The dripping water will be starting the long journey to the Gulf of Mexico. How long would it take to reach New Orleans from Ebensbrug?
  • Enjoying outdoor recreation before the melt
  • Student research on diatoms will start this spring after the ice melts. We are actively seeking professors and students to consider research projects at Nathan’s Divide.
  • Watershed Connections seminar